Application and Production of Handheld Paper Bag Printing

    Paste portable paper bags are an ancient handicraft industry. However, in post press processing, most printers have a general idea of how to make bookcases or cartons. However, they may not know much about the process of making portable paper bags. Portable paper bags are generally divided into two categories: ordinary packaging bags and exquisite shopping bags. Ordinary packaging bags are produced by rotary printing bag making machine. Its advantage is fast production efficiency, while its disadvantage is that the paper bag is rough and not refined, so most of these paper bags are used for general commodity packaging. As for exquisite shopping bags, they are printed in color on a single sheet of paper, polished or gilded by PP, and then produced by the bag factory in a manual and semi-automatic machine. Finally, manual threading and knotting are used as lifting handles to complete the paper bag. Its advantage is that paper bags can be made in any situation, but its disadvantage is that the production speed is slow. These high-grade shopping bags are mostly used for noble commodity packaging, or as gift bags, or as advertising bags for various commercial activities. Finally, these exquisite and beautiful paper bags become convenient shopping bags for young ladies when they go shopping. Characteristics of shopping bags.


Environmentally friendly, beautiful, exquisite and durable

Shopping bags should first of all be an extension of corporate image and commodity advertising strategies. Therefore, when making shopping bags, we must pay attention to environmental protection, beauty, refinement and durability. The structure is tight, and the bottom does not come off and the handle does not come off. The full-automatic bag making machine is used to glue all parts of the shopping bag to form a tight structure, so that the bottom will never come off and the handle will not come off. Different from the traditional post printing processing of portable paper bags, the “white glue” is used to paste the bag body, and then the manual threading and knotting is used as the handle. Therefore, there are often mistakes in the bottom off and the handle comes off. There is no crease on the surface of the paper bag, and the bonding is accurate and beautiful. The shopping bag is made by the automatic bag making machine, so there is no crease on the surface of the bag. In addition, the thermosol adhesive has strong adhesion and fast drying, so the bonding is accurate and beautiful. The traditional paper bag processing is to fold and paste the paper bag manually, so the bag surface has broken lines, and the white glue dries slowly. If the amount is too much, the glue will overflow and slide, so the bag shape is poor.


Vertical cotton rope handle, no holes, no knots

Two pieces of heavy kraft paper are used to fix the cotton rope with hot-melt glue, and then the kraft paper is fixed on the paper bag. The handle of the shopping bag is “vertical” and does not need to be punched, and there is no protruding knot. The lifting handle of traditional manual paper bag is to punch the bag body first, then manually tie the nylon rope through the knot, and use the knot to lock the paper bag, so the lifting knot is easy to loosen or pull the rope hole of the paper bag. The overall structure is strengthened, and the packaging function is enhanced. The handle, kraft paperboard, paper bag, and bag bottom are formed with thermosol. Therefore, the overall structure of the shopping bag is strengthened, and it can withstand more than 5 kg of goods. For the traditional paper bag, the handle is used to clamp the bag body with a nylon knot, and the top piece of the paper bag is not bonded to the bag body, so the material bearing capacity is weak.
High quality and fast delivery time The automatic bag making operation is adopted, so the quality is excellent and stable. Especially, there is no need to manually thread large knots for lifting, which shortens the production process of the feature film and makes the delivery date fast.
Design specification and manufacturing principle of shopping bags The top edge of the paper bag shall be folded 60mm inside to strengthen the grip. The width of the bottom edge of the paper bag is 15mm to strengthen the load-bearing force of the bag bottom (the width of the edge is reduced by 15mm).
The edge of the paper bag shall be 30mm, and it must be on the right to paste the bag automatically.
The finished draft shall be marked with 2 layers of edge pasting, 6 layers of top edge and 6 layers of bottom edge folding, so as to facilitate the correct forming of paper bags. The size of the shopping bag shall conform to the opening number of the paper for economic benefit. The paper thread direction should be parallel to the “height” of the paper bag to facilitate paper folding.
Bag making specification Paper bag length/180~350mm.
The width of the paper bag is 60~160mm.
Paper bag height/270~450 mm.
Paper thickness/about 100~150 pounds.
Handle selection/paper rope or cotton rope.


Common specifications

S-shaped/full paper quad bag
Size/Length 18 × Width 7 × Height 27cm.
Paper/15 ″ × 21″。
Wire direction/parallel 31 × 43。
M type/chrysanthemum paper split bag
Size/Length 22 × Width 8 × Height: 30cm.
Paper/17 ″ × 25″。
Wire direction/parallel 31 × 43。
L type/full paper split bag
Size/Length 27 × Width 10 × Height 38cm.
Paper orientation/21 ″ × 31″。
/Parallel 43 × 31。
X-shaped/chrysanthemum paper full open bag
Size paper/length 32 × Width 10 × Height 45cm.
Paper/25 ″ × 35″。
Wire direction/parallel 25 × 35。
T-shaped/full paper triple opening bag
Size/Length 24 × Width 10 × Height 24cm.
Paper/15 ″ × 28″。
Wire direction/parallel 31 × 43。
Kraft paper/kraft paper is tough, and its color can be divided into white kraft paper, kraft paper, two-color kraft paper, etc.; in paper, it can be divided into pure kraft paper and copperplate kraft paper, basically from 80 to 120 pounds, which are suitable for making various shopping bags. Coated paper/coated paper is suitable for high-quality color printing, so art shopping bags are often made of 120~150 pounds of coated paper. Due to the low toughness of coated paper, PP film glazing is generally used to strengthen its toughness. Art paper/art paper is a vague term, which is used to describe the paper that has been processed and dyed. Generally, art paper is stronger and more diversified than coated paper. Many 100 to 150 pound art paper are suitable for making shopping bags, but the paper cost is high. Special paper/such as: South Asian synthetic paper, 3M Tyvek paper, pp imitation kraft paper, etc.



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