Purchasing vacuum bottle containers, these basics should be understood

   Many cosmetics on the market contain amino acids, proteins, vitamins and other substances, which are very afraid of dust and bacteria, and are easily polluted. Once it is polluted, it will not only lose its due effect, but also become harmful! The vacuum bottle can prevent the contents from contacting with the air, effectively reducing the deterioration of the product and the breeding of bacteria due to contact with the air. It also allows cosmetic manufacturers to reduce the use of preservatives and antibacterial agents, so that consumers can get higher protection.

Product Definition


The vacuum bottle is a high-grade package composed of an outer cover, a pump set, a bottle body, a large piston in the bottle and a bottom support. Its launch conforms to the latest development trend of cosmetics and can effectively protect the quality of the contents. However, due to the complex structure of vacuum bottles and the high production cost, the use of vacuum bottles is limited to individual high-priced and high-demand products, and it is difficult to fully expand in the market to meet the needs of different grades of cosmetic packaging.

manufacturing process

1. Design principle


The design principle of the vacuum bottle is based on atmospheric pressure, and at the same time, it is very dependent on the pump output of the pump set. The pump set must have excellent one-way sealing performance to prevent air from flowing back into the bottle, resulting in a low pressure state in the bottle. When the difference between the low pressure area in the bottle and the atmospheric pressure is greater than the friction between the piston and the inner wall of the bottle, the atmospheric pressure will push the large piston in the bottle to move. Therefore, the large piston cannot fit too tightly with the inner wall of the bottle, otherwise the large piston will not be able to move forward due to excessive friction; on the contrary, if the large piston and the inner wall of the bottle are too loosely fitted, leakage will easily occur. professional requirements are very high.


2. Product Features
The vacuum bottle also provides precise dosage control. When the diameter, stroke and elasticity of the pump group are set, no matter what the shape of the matching button is, each dosage is accurate and quantitative. Moreover, the discharge volume of the pressing can be adjusted by changing the parts of the pump set, with an accuracy of 0.05 ml, depending on the needs of the product.15ml-clear-airless-bottle-2

Once the vacuum bottle is filled, almost a small amount of air and water can enter the container from the production factory to the end of the consumer’s use, which effectively prevents the contents from being contaminated during the use process and prolongs the effective use period of the product. In line with the current trend of environmental protection and the call for avoiding the addition of preservatives and antibacterial agents, vacuum packaging is more important for extending the shelf life of products and protecting the rights and interests of informants.

product structure

1. Product classification
According to the structure: ordinary vacuum bottle, single-bottle composite vacuum bottle, double-bottle composite vacuum bottle, non-piston vacuum bottle
Divided by shape: cylindrical, square, with cylindrical the most common.

vacuum bottle


The vacuum bottle is usually cylindrical or oval, and the commonly used size is 10ml-100ml. The overall capacity is small. It relies on the principle of atmospheric pressure, which can avoid the pollution of cosmetics during use. The vacuum bottle can be treated with anodized aluminum, plastic electroplating, spraying, and non-ferrous plastics, etc. The price is more expensive than other ordinary containers, and the minimum order quantity is not high.

2. Product structure reference

Product structure of vacuum bottle1 Product structure of vacuum bottle2

3. Structural matching diagram for reference

Airless Structural matching diagram for reference

The main accessories of the vacuum bottle include: pump set, cover, button, jacket, screw, gasket, bottle body, large piston, bottom bracket, etc. Appearance parts can be decorated, such as electroplating, anodized aluminum, spraying and silk-screen bronzing, etc., depending on the design requirements. The molds involved in the pump set are more precise, and customers rarely open molds themselves. The main accessories of the pump set include: small piston, connecting rod, spring, body, valve, etc.

4. Other types of vacuum bottles

Other types of vacuum bottles

All-plastic self-closing valve vacuum bottle, the lower end of the vacuum bottle containing skin care products is a carrying disc that can move up and down in the bottle body. There is a round hole at the bottom of the vacuum bottle body, air below the disc, and skin care products above. The skin care products are sucked out by the pump from above, and the carrying disc keeps rising. When the skin care products are used up, the disc rises to the top of the bottle.bamboo-airless-bottle-3

Vacuum bottles are widely used in the cosmetics industry.
Mainly used for creams, liquids,Lotion, essence and related products.

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