How to choose cosmetic lotion pump manufacturers

Cosmetic lotion pump is a kind of cosmetic packaging material produced by pressure pump technology. Cosmetic lotion pump have been widely used in product packaging such as lotions, shampoos, shower gels, etc. A good pump head is the beginning of a good experience, so cosmetic brands should pay more attention when choosing lotion pump manufacturers. The details.



So what measures and considerations should be made when choosing a cosmetic lotion pump manufacturer? shanghai Rainbow Industrial Co., Ltd gives the following points as a reference;


①The cosmetic lotion pump head is easy to use by squeezing with one hand. In some special cases, it avoids the trouble of opening with both hands.
②The cosmetic pump head is labor-saving, and some cosmetic bottle caps and other packaging are laborious to open, which affects the consumer’s experience. The cosmetic pump head solves this problem well.
③The cosmetic pump head does not need to be opened, which is more clean and hygienic and reduces the trouble of opening.


How to choose a cosmetic pump head? The above three points are believed to have good reference value for everyone, but the choice of cosmetic pump head manufacturers is not the only one. It also depends on the effect of pressing and what problems there are. These direct trial products are the most intuitive. Secondly, the quality of the cosmetic pump head and whether the quality passes the test depends on the quality of appearance and craftsmanship.
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Post time: Aug-20-2021
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