How to choose a suitable cosmetic packaging?

We know that cosmetic packaging materials need to have protection, function and decoration, and the trinity is the development direction of high-end

cosmetic packaging in the future

In addition to considering the appearance of the product, what are the most important aspects of the product itself?
1. Protection performance.
The product has certain strength and toughness to adapt to the influence of pressure, impulse, vibration and other static and dynamic factors.


2. Barrier performance.
Packaging materials should have certain barrier properties against moisture, ultraviolet rays, and aromatic gases, so as to ensure that the products used by consumers are safe and effective.


3. Compatibility.
Cosmetic packaging does not produce chemical and physical reactions in direct contact with the internal materials, and the product is not easy to volatilize under high temperature environment.


4. Sealing performance.
Products are not easy to leak during transportation or use, so when purchasing products, many customers choose to take samples for testing;

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5. Economic performance and cost requirements.
While ensuring the quality of packaging, the requirements of economic performance and cost should also be considered, which requires a comparative experiment of the performance of different materials, and then choose a suitable and economical one based on past experience.


6. Environmental requirements.
Many countries have issued restrictions on environmental protection, and both manufacturers and consumers are paying more and more attention to the protection of the environment by packaging.

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Post time: Sep-02-2022
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