All plastic spray pump and trigger sprayer, so that the daily spray pump and trigger sprayer can be recycled

   The development of human society is inseparable from ecology and the natural environment. While we are conquering the world and developing society and achieving rapid economic growth, we are accompanied by ecological plunder and environmental destruction, which pose a serious threat to human life and development. Improving the environment by ecology and realizing the sustainable development of human society are urgent issues and primary tasks faced by people of all ethnic groups all over the world. Sustainable development is development that not only satisfies the needs of contemporary people, but does not harm the ability of future generations to meet their needs. They are an inseparable system that not only achieves the goal of economic development, but also protects the natural resources and environment such as the atmosphere, fresh water, ocean, land, and forests that humans rely on for survival, so that future generations can develop sustainably and live and work in peace.


Plastic packaging materials for daily necessities are the most common in our daily life. They have a wide range of uses and a large amount. It can be said that each of us is in contact with them all the time, and spray pumps trigger sprayer are one of them. The structure of the traditional spray pump is well known to everyone, which is composed of a pump chamber, a wire spring, a glass ball, a piston, a press head and other components. Traditional pumps need to disassemble and select wire springs, glass balls, and various plastic parts after use. The recycling process is quite cumbersome, and the recycling cost is also very high. Even the recycling cost exceeds the value of the product, so many traditional spray pumps are used. After that, it cannot be recycled and flows into the natural environment where we live, causing serious white pollution.

Caring for the earth, maintaining the ecology, and protecting the environment, we as a manufacturer should take part of the responsibility, especially our packaging material manufacturer, should actively join the action to cut off the source of white pollution from the source, and effectively and thoroughly improve the recycling supply chain. All plastic spray pump and trigger sprayer are one of the products that solve the problem of difficult recycling. The advantages of all plastic pump and all plastic trigger sprayer are as follows:

all-plastic-trigger-sprayer-1all plastic spray pumps

1. Sanitary and safe, all parts can be injection molded with food-grade plastic materials, and then directly assembled and sealed. Compared with traditional pumps, it effectively avoids transportation pollution of components such as springs, glass balls, and heavy metal pollution of wire springs.

2. Functionality, durability and stability, traditional spray pumps are difficult to avoid polyoxymethylene (POM) components due to structural problems. POM is easy to react with chemicals such as iodine, and high temperatures can also produce harmful gases to humans. All plastic pumps can use PP, PE and other materials with relatively stable material properties to effectively avoid the above problems.

3. Environmentally friendly and recyclable, all parts of the all-plastic spray pump are plastic parts, all materials compatible with plastics can be used, and the same kind of plastic raw materials are used as much as possible, and the recycling can be directly crushed and granulated. It avoids complicated and tedious processes such as recycling, disassembly, selection and separation, and fundamentally solves the problem of difficult recycling.

all plastic pump

Shanghai Rainbow Industrial Co., Ltd. RB PACKAGE proposes that we work together to eliminate the difficulty of recycling of daily necessities packaging materials from the source, so that the packaging materials we produce will not flow into nature and become environmental pollution sources after use, and thoroughly and Rainbow Package effectively improve the recycling chain of daily necessities packaging materials! Promote the sustained, healthy and steady development of the packaging material pump industry! Shanghai Rainbow Industrial Co., Ltd is the manufacturer, Shanghai rainbow package Provide one-stop cosmetic packaging.

Post time: Jul-21-2021
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